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The Process

Screen Printing is a technique used for printing logos onto apparel by passing ink through a screen.

The process begins with the use of a film positive to burn an image onto a mesh screen. A separate screen is used for each desired color. Once a color has been chemically burned or “stenciled” onto a screen, the screen is aligned on a press and the garment placed below. A thick ink is then applied to the screen and forced through by pressing the screen with a squeegee, thereby transferring the image onto the garment. Once all colors have been transferred onto the garment, the garment is placed on a conveyor belt and passed through a dryer in order to cure the ink. After the garment passes through the dryer, the ink is set, and the garment is ready to be worn.

Note: Screen printing on dark garments is generally more expensive, as dark garments often require a base print. This means that an additional layer of ink must be printed, then “flashed” (heated) before a top layer—the rest of the logo—is printed onto the garment.


Artwork for embroidery must be submitted in Vector format. For those clients who are unable to convert their artwork—typically a .jpg image—into Vector format, Idea Factory offers in-house graphic design. Simply call or e-mail the shop, and we will create a design based on your idea or convert your artwork into the proper format.

Time Frame

Idea Factory offers a quick turnaround—approximately 7-10 days after artwork has been approved. Rush orders are accepted; however, an additional fee may apply. There is also a 12-piece minimum for embroidery.